Westpac Stadium Outdoor

Applying Eyemagnet Content Delivery Patent at Westpac Stadium

Eyemagnet has successfully been granted another patent, having just completed the 7-year approval process for our content delivery technology originally developed in 2010.

Australian Patent No. 2010287064 – Informational content scheduling system and method
(Granted 18 May 2017)

New Zealand Patent No. 587625 – Informational content scheduling system and method
(Granted 27 August 2010)

“The invention provides a system and method that analyses media content to identify and schedule informational content that correlates to the media content.”

Eyemagnet is utilising this patented technology to deliver a range of solutions to the Westpac Stadium venue.

Combining our “Blackeye” content management system and Eyemagnet Data Exchange “EDX” platform, we're delivering targeted content to mobile handsets in the venue. Using the profile built through location and real-time demographic data, our solution can insert tailored media into the playlist to display highly-effective, relevant advertising to stadium visitors.

EDX & Blackeye Content Integration Diagram

We provide detection of user characteristics based on the ambient data of the venue and analysing camera data from specific areas in the venue to determine user metrics. Analytics hardware offers user tracking and analysis to gain customer insights and track ad performance and user engagement in real time. Our solution captures and gathers information about the audience, showing metrics such as attention time, views and impressions, age, gender, peak times, locations and more.

Our Westpac Stadium Captive WiFi Portal is integrated with EDX and Blackeye to build a user profile over multiple visits and display targeted advertisements which are refined as information is gathered. Questions are presented to the user to build a profile of tag information, with content being set up to only be shown to particular tags to allow for targeted and effective advertising. New questions are asked upon each visit to the landing page which refines results further each time the user visits.

Westpac Stadium Captive Portal

Weighted Decisions and Machine Learning

Machine learning is the future of content advertising. Composing multiple models and using those to influence complex decision making has huge potential. Leveraging that knowledge is the obvious big win in the short-term, but it can reach much further than that. Machine learning can be used as a tool to create more personalised experiences for customers while also improving the capability of advertising campaigns.

User Analytics

Our system runs an algorithm to determine a “weighting” to the analysed data to schedule and display targeted content. For example, the system makes an assessment of the data and uses a “score” to match criteria such as male vs female or VIP vs general admission. Location information can be retrieved to determine which content is to be displayed to the user's device. Other outside data sources can be gathered, such as weather, news, event data, and more.

Eyemagnet Process Overview

All of these user analytics solutions combine to provide a fully-integrated stadium experience, adjusting and scheduling the displayed content based on the analysed data.

We're currently mid-way through our connected stadium install at Westpac Stadium. Find out more details and read the revamp announcement here, and keep an eye out for more news and updates over the coming weeks.

Broadcast Suite
The Westpac Stadium broadcast suite - Eyemagnet's temporary office for the next few weeks!