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Eyemagnet Enhances Innovation at Federation Square

Eyemagnet has recently deployed a range of digital solutions for Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia, supplying and installing venue-wide IPTV infrastructure and implementing a WiFi captive portal using our landing page framework.

Federation Square is the latest delivery of Eyemagnet's Connected Venue solution. Our unique platform enhances the traditional venue experiences for the client by delivering a range of innovative technology offerings to keep end users connected and engaged with personalised media distribution.

Outdoor Screen Front

In conjunction with the new integrated IPTV display network at Fed Square, an impressive five-storey digital LED screen has been revealed. The $5.4 million Digital Facade is made up of over 850 LED panels and 4 million pixels, creating a state-of-the-art public screen for the venue.

Uniquely wrapping around the northern and eastern side of the Transport building, the Digital Facade airs content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, showcasing bespoke art programs and content, streaming live National and International sporting events and displaying other cultural events and activities.

Captive Portal Example

Underlying Fed Square’s technology upgrades is the robust EDX analytics platform which collates profile information about visitors over time and builds a unique identity for venue-goers. This powerful analytics engine allows for highly-effective and targeted advertisements to be served within the captive portal and IPTV network.

The EDX analytics engine provides new opportunities through unique digital signage and advertising capabilities through both fixed signage and handheld devices. The underlying platform allows for end users at Fed Square to be provided with highly-effective relevant media by utilising the power of tagging and device profiling built through location and real-time demographic data.

EDX increases the impact of advertising for Fed Square with a cost-efficient solution that challenges traditional marketing across a variety of digital endpoints.

In tandem with robust analytics, media delivery for Eyemagnet's Connected Venue solution is underpinned by a centralised content management system. The Blackedge CMS provides ultimate control of content for the staff at Fed Square.

Content delivery through a scheduling interface is traditionally over-complicated and hard to manage when multiple display formats are involved. Blackedge aims to simplify this complex process – the web-based interface has been crafted to take the pain out of content scheduling.

Media files, IPTV streams and other display formats can be uploaded, managed, and set to display with a wide range of playback options such as timed delivery and display restrictions. Media schedules created with Blackedge are collated and delivered across all technologies within the platform, including IPTV, digital signage, mobile applications and WiFi captive portals.

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