Suncorp Stadium Banner

Connected Stadium Install at Suncorp Stadium

We're proud to add Suncorp Stadium to our list of sporting venues which utilises our Connected Stadium solution. Suncorp Stadium is a popular venue in Brisbane, Australia that hosts a wide variety of sports matches, domestic and international, as well as in-demand entertainment events and functions.

Our Connected Stadium offering for Suncorp Stadium is an IPTV solution with the ability to display broadcast TV on multiple screens within the stadium, display channels or playlist of content such as pricing, menus or videos and the ability to display image banners across 7 screens.

Suncorp Interface 01

We have also delivered a custom scheduling interface which allows Suncorp Stadium to easily manage content across any configuration of screens from 1 to 7, utilising banners, playlists and the encoded broadcast TV feed.

The system consists of 4 signage locations, each with 7 wall mounted 55" commercial LED displays, wall mount brackets, 7 Eyemagnet media players and a weather-proof housing covering all displays.

Suncorp Interface 02

LED display provides for visual reproduction of digital signage content, connected to the digital signage players via HDMI compatible extension devices, with our software providing the selection and distribution of content to each display, including display on/off initiation. The live game feed is connected to video distribution over IP and sent to our media players via the client LAN.

Our Connected Stadium custom hardware and software solution allows for Suncorp Stadium to easily schedule and manage a range of dynamic content across the gate screens to inform and entertain stadium visitors.