NZX gets the big tick(er)

With fantastic weather, support and papparazi - we launched the NZX stock ticker to the New Zealand market as their trading began at 10:00am in Auckland yesterday. With the Minister for Economic Development, the Hon Stephen Joyce kicked off the event with short speeches from him, as well as the NZX CEO, Tim Bennett. As the media's press and journalists watched on, we fired up the screens under the already bright sunny day and delivered what has to be one of the coolest stock tickers around.  What was really cool was that Paul Treacy, our CEO, switched between multiple content pieces all driven directly from his mobile phone, so we could control all aspects of it in real-time... it was very slick.

The deployment was a massive effort and it saw our team and the OAMM team work through multiple nights to install this amazing LED ticker 4 floors up on the side of the Zurich building. Hanging all these LED cabinets one after another, required so many components, so many interconnections that we really did work right to the wire... BUT, it was worth it.

A great video summary courtesy of TV3 can be found here.

In partnership with NEC, the NZX have delivered a world class financial display system for Auckland. Eyemagnet have established themselves as a market leader in complex digital media solutions.

Here are some facts about the LED solution:

Eyemagnet, and their partners OAMM (Out and About Marketing and Media) provided the full outdoor LED solution. This includes all hardware and software required to deliver the complete solution.

OAMM are acknowledged as a market leader in the provision of cutting-edge LED and LCD signage technology and sponsorship opportunities for clients seeking to enhance their brand presence.

OAMM manufacture and assemble the high quality, LED cabinets and specialized controlling display modules that house the world's premier Nichia LED. This same technology can be seen surrounding all the major sport grounds and stadiums throughout the southern hemisphere during all the major rugby and league matches.

The digital screen was purpose built for the needs of the NZX, and the solution involves a specially constructed long run, high resolution, outdoor LED that can withstand the harsh New Zealand sun, wind and rain to become New Zealand's largest permanent outdoor LED.

All LED cabinets, including each and every individual LED are installed in watertight mounts to ensure many, many years of high quality output. There will be over 500,000 LED's installed for this deployment in the 6048x84 pixel display.

The design of the LED panels incorporates many layers of redundancy ensuring that maintenance and support for the LED is minimal and easy to manage. For instance, the entire display consists of 54 major cabinets (including two specially manufactured corner versions) interconnected to form one large display. Each cabinet then consists of smaller inter-connected 'brick's of LED's each with their own power and management. This ensures that any failure of one small component, will not affect the running of the display, and also makes for easy maintenance during the many years of planned service.

The LED panels will dynamically adjust their brightness and power settings throughout the day and night to ensure optimal levels. All the levels are determined by council guidelines to ensure public compliance.

The Eyemagnet software suite manages all the real-time data connection from the financial markets as well as the delivery to and optimization of the massive digital screen. Eyemagnet's software allows this digital screen to perform many functions and services greater than just being a normal stock ticker. For instance, the screen can be used as one contiguous display or be seen as multiple smaller displays. It is this flexibility and power that makes this solution unique by effectively allowing any content to be played in any configuration for many years to come. Not that there is any current requirement, but full motion video, real-time social media connectivity, breaking news etc. can be displayed. This is a future-proof solution for NZX.

Visit the site at lower Queen Street, drop in for a coffee with Travis at The Glass Box at No #1 Queen St and have a look yourself as it runs 24x7 and is stunning at night time.