NZX Wellington - Removing Old Ticker

Construction Update for the NZX Wellington Ticker

Following the announcement of our new stock ticker for NZX in Wellington, construction for the upgrade project is now underway.

The first stage of the renovation sees the removal of the old ticker panels. The Eyemagnet Team, with the assistance of Melbar Engineering, mobilised at the NZX Centre this week to remove the old electronic ticker units. After barricading the area of work for public safety, our crew used a large scissor lift to ascend to the levels of the old ticker units and safely remove each individual panel as well as mounting brackets.

The east and north sides have been taken down and further construction work is set to continue soon. Check out the time-lapse video above to see our progress so far.

NZX Wellington Construction 01
NZX Wellington Construction 02
NZX Wellington Construction 03