NZX Ticker Technology Overview

Behind the Technology Powering our Wellington Ticker for NZX

The NZX Wellington ticker renovation project is well underway. Before the next round of construction begins, we're giving a look into the underlying technology powering the impressive digital sign.

NZX Wellington Ticker Mockup

Content Delivery

The solution is powered by Eyemagnet's Blackeye content management system, a robust platform that allows for dynamic content scheduling and management. Blackeye manages thousands of endpoints on a daily basis and is a secure, centrally managed solution for media delivery.

At a high level, the Eyemagnet solution utilises a sophisticated signage network that delivers real-time streaming content to various endpoints. The ticker solution greatly compliments Eyemagnet’s Blackeye CMS, as it delivers the best value and performance equation for this type of environment and incorporates cleanly into the Blackeye Distribution Platform.

Blackeye Solution

Eyemagnet is a class leader in providing technology for major sport grounds and stadiums throughout the southern hemisphere, our vast experience in signage and LED solutions will see us deliver a powerful and future-proof solution for NZX in Wellington.

Messaging Interface

Eyemagnet provides a custom interface to NZX to manage the creation and organisation of messages on the stock tickers.

Messaging Interface

The messaging interface allows users to create new messages to be displayed on the ticker, and set scheduling information such as duration, start & end time, frequency and display logo.

The interface integrates with the Blackeye content management system and is entirely cloud-hosted for guaranteed delivery of content.

Messaging Interface

Panasonic LED Technology

The ticker will be constructed with high-quality LED panels supplied by Panasonic.

For a high-profile public display such as the NZX building, strength and reliability are essential. Panasonic’s outdoor LED display offers high visibility in sunlight and IP65-grade weather resistance for rain and dust.

Ticker Panel

The panels perform year-round and have been built to withstand any conditions. High-brightness images are clear, even when under direct sunlight. IPS technology means panels are easy to read from any angle, and air-cooling integration prevents the possibility of blackouts. The technology has been put through rigorous testing to withstand extreme weather and any negative display behaviour: from visibility testing with bright light conditions to resistance to water.

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