Oracle Chatbot Heineken Urban Polo

Oracle and Eyemagnet Enable AI Chatbot Messaging for Heineken Urban Polo

Eyemagnet, as an Oracle Independent Software Vendor, has developed and delivered an application that augments Oracle's Intelligent Bots service. This provides scheduling capability for the distribution of rich media messages to Facebook Messenger users that have interacted with a bot.

The Eyemagnet software constructs a distribution group based on any Facebook Messenger bot user within the last 24 hours, and leveraging off the Eyemagnet cloud-based content management system which incorporates rich media upload, distribution, management and scheduling components, delivers rich media messages to recipients on a scheduled basis.

The first implementation and usage of this new software was perform in partnership with Oracle for live rich media updates to attendees of, and other interested parties in, the Heineken Urban Polo festival that was held in multiple venues through New Zealand in the February and March 2018. Scheduled messages included event informational notifications, e.g. welcome messages and commencement of match message, along with calls to action and reminders of post-festival events, e.g. reminders to post photo's to the Urban Polo photo wall and information about the after-party location.

Heineken Urban Polo Chatbot

Oracle Intelligent Bots uses deep learning-based natural language understanding (NLU) to comprehend and determine intent of end-user conversations. It can then help companies, such as Heineken Urban Polo, process these conversations, integrate each with existing business application data, and automatically respond within context. It also allows Heineken Urban Polo to directly contact customers and followers with important information in a personal and non-invasive manner.

Simon Wilson, Director, Heineken Urban Polo, said, “The chatbot’s been a really powerful tool for us, helping enhance the consumer experience and attaining a ‘closeness’ and personal means of contacting our consumers and followers. In short it enables attendees to get all the information they want, when they want – in a way that is very familiar to them – through the messaging tools they’re already using. The information is not pushed or promoted to them enhancing the personal experience; anything that makes the customer feel like we care is really powerful.”

“Events have truly become a digital experience through mobile ticket sales, mobile entrance, photos, videos and social sharing,” said Duncan Richards, Digital Specialist, Oracle Australia and New Zealand. “By engaging with customers on platforms they already use and leveraging emerging technologies, mobile devices can now become intimate, personal experiences. We are excited to work with organizations like Heineken Urban Polo who are focused on creating the ultimate fan experience.”