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Eyemagnet Data Exchange

Eyemagnet’s EDX analytics solution provides hyper-targeted and highly effective content to consumers.

The Eyemagnet Data Exchange seamlessly integrates with the Blackeye content management system to become one platform to rule them all.

EDX Overview

Discover new insights

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EDX collates user information through location auto-tagging, WiFi captive portals, mobile applications and historical data to build and refine the consumer profiles over time.

Analysing data

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EDX combines all analytics data into one interface to help you gain insights about your customers. View detailed metrics through the reporting dashboard, access in-depth heatmaps and visualise location habits and trends with the all-in-one interface.

Power your next experience

Targeted Media

EDX offers engaging customer insights, giving you the power and flexibility to deliver personalised content to your audience. EDX allows you to do more with your data: boost your campaigns with hyper-targeted media.

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Data Capture Icon
Data Capture
EDX integrates with WiFi captive portals and third-party mobile applications to build a user profile over multiple visits and display targeted advertisements which are defined as information is gathered.

Profile Building Icon
Profile Building
Through machine learning methodologies, EDX allows us to create highly-effective, targeted campaigns across physical signage and digital real-estate. Instead of showing adverts or content at a time where we assume we will target the correct users, we can tag content and show it directly to users with the same tags.

Targeting Media Icon
Targeted Media
EDX integrates with Eyemagnet’s Blackeye content management system to provide unique and tailored content to endpoints of any requirement. Our solution allows you to do more with your data – engage with your users directly and lift your campaign performances with our centralised platform.

API Integration
API Integration
Collect all the relevant data with opportunities for application and loyalty program integration. The EDX API provides full integration with third-party software applications to make the most of your analytic insights, with support for ingested content, dynamic notifications and more.

One platform, multiple outcomes

Impactful advertising
The EDX analytics platform delivers the most relevant content to increase the impact of advertising with a cost-efficient solution that challenges traditional marketing.

Engaged customers
Provide increased lifetime value, drive business growth and improve your ROI.

Single customer view
EDX gets you one step closer to the desired single view of the customer, connecting your products and services with their location and digital interaction.

Automate your messaging and let the machines do the heavy lifting. Eyemagnet’s CMS will decide the best message to display based on who is in the vicinity.

Business efficiency
Understanding who and how customers are engaging with your brick and mortar stores is just the beginning. This knowledge allows you to target purchase decisions, offers and on-site experiences.

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