Rodd & Gunn Live Feed

Rodd & Gunn Live Media from Queenstown to California

Eyemagnet has developed and installed a live media solution for Rodd & Gunn on Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California. The American flagship store features an Eyemagnet-powered video wall displaying a live feed of the beautiful and pristine views of Lake Wakatipu from outside Rodd & Gunn in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Rodd & Gunn Inside

Using Eyemagnet’s Blackeye content management system, the Eyemagnet Rodd & Gunn solution manages a complex integration of media content and live camera stream.

An IP surveillance camera has been installed on the outside of the Queenstown Rodd & Gunn store. This camera operates 24/7 and is linked to Eyemagnet monitoring systems, where the feed from this camera is continuously analysed and compared against specified criteria to ensure the feed is desirable.

Eyemagnet systems are capable of recording the camera input whenever the desired criteria are met – for example using the time of day and weather parameters, bright and sunny footage will be recorded. These recordings are then uploaded to our Blackeye content management system.

Rodd & Gunn Example Content 01

Using these uploaded feed recordings, as well as Rodd & Gunn media and advertising campaigns, dynamic playlists are created and scheduled. This solution is fully scalable and can be managed on an individual basis for stores and specific screens. The Blackedge system allows for captivating playlists that can entice customers worldwide with the stunning views of Lake Wakatipu from the Rodd & Gunn Queenstown store, as well as inform with Rodd & Gunn advertising.

Rodd & Gunn Outside

Rodd & Gunn are creating unique retail experiences using digital signage technology. The Newport Beach store design has captured the rugged essence of New Zealand inside its lodge-inspired store and the Eyemagnet-powered video wall, with the displays of natural, beautiful New Zealand landscapes contributes to this aesthetic.

We're proud to help represent New Zealand in Newport Beach and we look forward to broadcasting the breathtaking Lake Wakatipu in more locations overseas.

Rodd & Gunn Example Content 02

Rodd & Gunn Example Content 03