"Eyemagnet is a boutique software company delivering
unique and tailored solutions."


Motion Graphics

Our creative team is well versed in 2D and 3D animation. We accurately create fluid animated content for marketing content and visualisation on large-scale projects. We use industry standard platforms for the creation of 2D and 3D content.

UI & UX Design

We craft unique application mockups tailored exclusively to our clients' needs. Our knowledge of the target market and user expectations ensures that we create intuitive and effective designs that leave lasting impressions.

Video & Audio

Our team can swiftly produce videos for any requirement from advertising and sales demonstrations to project overviews. We also quickly and efficiently create and edit captivating voiceovers and dynamic background tracks and sound effects.

Print Design

From requests such as posters and signs to brochures and cards, our team works closely with our clients to complete print design projects of any nature, while diligentily adhering to style guides and incorporating client feedback throughout the process.



We have a heavily experienced design team that go through a process of wireframes and mockups that are iterated to fit our clients needs and desires before any of the coding begins.


We are very experienced with coding practises to give you exactly what you want. HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Javascript are only a few of the tools we use daily to bring our clients the perfect product.


We use the content management system, Drupal, to bring to life a dynamic website that you as the client can update. We choose Drupal as our CMS platform to bring our customers an incredibly secure and easy to update website.

Mobile Application


With a higher revenue result than other platforms from in-app purchases and a consistent OS update cycle that covers the majority of current Apple devices, developing for iOS comes with great possibilities and covers a broader target market in less time.


Android allows us to develop with more access to the operating system itself, giving more options for your app. This open-source platform also aims for massive adoption of devices and therefore reaches a wider target market in continents such as Asia, Africa and South America.


Hybrid applications give the flexibility, freedom and instantaneous updatability of web-based applications while maintaining access to device rendering power, deep linking capabilities and direct access to all the device sensors, all while remaining highly portable as they require minimal development of each supported native platform.

Custom Solutions

Large-Scale Projects

No matter the size of the project, we have you covered. We are experienced with large-scale installations of screens and screen content. From the whiteboard to the billboard, we can sort you out with design, development and the installation as well as managing the project beyond its debut.

Software Applications

We’re always excited to work on new custom software solutions. We’re all about utilising new technologies and techniques to find more efficient solutions to our client’s problems. With our experienced development team on the case, we will find the solution you need for your unique software project.

Project Management


Our highly skilled project management services provide you with top quality consultancy on your projects, including project review and rescue, solution identification and assessment, technical solution verification and service management design.

On-Site Installation

When it comes to the final few stages of our projects, our team is fast and active at getting your project up and live. We offer diverse on-site installations of media, including custom screen mounting and bracing.

Device Management

We offer in-depth support and managment for a range of installed devices. Through on-site and remote interaction, we can assist with device security, software updates, detailed statistic reports and more.