NZ Parliament

New Zealand Parliament

Eyemagnet manages a digital signage solution for the New Zealand Parliament to display welcome messages, Select Committee room schedules and availability, tour schedules, and more. We have utilised web based technologies to read database information and display messages and schedules dynamically.

This database is populated by bookings made through Parliamentary Service Calendar System and read by the web based application to automatically display the information onscreen via Eyemagnet Decoders.

Wooden panel

At the heart of our solution is the Eyemagnet Blackeye Content Management System. Using our CMS, the application can be scheduled to display within a playlist. To this playlist the user can add static images, and video, on a schedule. By utilising web based applications to deliver solutions in tandem with networked decoders, Eyemagnet is able to provide sophisticated monitoring and alerting on all devices, remote troubleshooting of any issues and ease of scale for network expansion.

The Meeting Room application is also integrated with Eyemagnet Blackeye Content Management Solution allowing notices to be displayed on screen. Eyemagnet's Web based Interface, Blackedge, allows users to schedule their own content in a playlist in conjunction with the output of the Meeting Room Scheduler Application. For instance, every 30 mins, general notices could be displayed for 10 minutes onscreen and screens would again display the Meeting Room Scheduler Application.

As well as setting up and managing playlists, Blackedge gives users full control over creating individual messaging displays to be embedded within playlists. Unique messages can be seamlessly created with a range of custom options including headers, footers, backgrounds, colour profiles and text displays. These messaging creation options allow for various outputs — Parliament-branded messages can be easily constructed, as well as custom themes for different events.

Reception screen

We also managed the design and installation of custom-built casings and enclosures for the messaging screens. Careful consideration went into mounting options to best suit each screen while respecting the environment of each one.

The 65 inch reception screen was installed with a ceiling bracket to display in front of the glass wall behind it. Custom manufactured timber framed enclosures were commissioned to house the eight 24 inch committee room screens, the hand-crafted framing delicately constructed to match the classical decor of the historic hallway. Most impressive of all is the massive enclosure created for the 65 inch outdoor screen. This weatherproof casing was built to beautifully display content while withstanding Wellington's rain and infamous wind.

Outdoor screen