Westpac Stadium

Westpac Stadium

Eyemagnet has installed and delivered a full multicast IPTV network at Westpac Stadium, providing live television media delivery to in-stadium screens and mobile handsets across a venue-wide high-capacity free public WiFi network powered by Eyemagnet, Spark and Huawei.

The Connected Stadium solution is an innovative and feature-rich offering that combines digital signage, IPTV streaming, WiFi captive portals, mobile applications and data analytics into one centrally-managed product suite as an alternative to Cisco Stadium Vision.

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Eyemagnet provides opportunities to deliver socially engaging experiences that are not possible in traditional venue settings. Supporters at the stadium are able to stay connected and share their experiences online using the powerful and secure free WiFi network, provided by 280 access points installed around the venue.

The robust network allows stadium-goers to capture and share their game-day experiences online by uploading content to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Westpac Stadium Outdoor IPTV

Digital screens around the entirety of the stadium are controlled by Eyemagnet media players – phase one of the project has seen us install 200 media players, with the total increasing to 500 during phase two which is currently underway. Our IPTV supports multicast channel streaming to give staff greater control over what is to be displayed around the stadium. Current channel selections include the stadium broadcast feed, Sky Sports, Freeview, TAB, marketing playlists and more.

The Eyemagnet IPTV network has full integration with web-based menu boards and software-based advertising channels allowing for dynamic game-day content. The solution is underpinned by our Blackeye Content Management System (CMS) which allows for full control over scheduling and updating for efficient media delivery.

Eyemagnet delivers dynamic and relevant media content which increases the impact of advertising with a cost-efficient solution that challenges traditional marketing.

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