Spark 5G Lab-Powered by Eyemagnet

Spark 5G Lab Media Powered by Eyemagnet

On the 19th November, Spark New Zealand unveiled the Spark 5G Lab, an interactive environment dedicated to the advancement of new technology ideas, concepts and solutions.

NZ's first interactive 5G test lab

The 5G lab hosts technologies that showcase some of the possibilities and benefits of 5G such as robotics, virtual reality, facial recognition, Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities, emergency services drones and driverless cars.

In the lead-up to Spark's targeted launch date of July 1, 2020 for the live nationwide 5G network, the 5G lab allows companies to test and develop applications over a pre-commercial 5G network.

5G Lab Video Wall

Eyemagnet have been working closely with Spark and their agencies to prepare content for the lab. Eyemagnet's media players showcase 5G technology throughout the lab, including on multiple projected screens and an impressive 3x3 video wall.

Digital media at the lab is powered by our Blackeye content management system. The CMS allows for content to be dynamically controlled and delivered via a bespoke interface all while over blazing-fast 5G speeds.

The 5G lab is an exciting deployment of Eyemagnet's digital signage solution - we're eager to see how emerging 5G technology can improve media delivery and other innovative technology.

Blackeye Powering Spark 5G Lab

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