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Web Development for Employment Startup PartTimer

Eyemagnet has been given an exciting opportunity to work on a platform for a Wellington-based startup. Introducing PartTimer — an innovative new service which aspires to revolutionise the employment process for students and young professionals. PartTimer aims to make it easier for young job-seekers to find employment in their area.

The idea is simple: instead of prospective employees having to work through application after application on company websites - which can be a slow and frustrating experience - PartTimer has employers approach candidates instead. This service is beneficial to both parties, job-seekers only need to set up their profile and wait for the offers to come in, and employers can easily search through applicants using requirements such as location and availability to help find the perfect employee.

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Becoming a candidate on PartTimer is easy. Users only need to sign up and complete a short series of questions to fill their profile. Only the basic information is needed to get started - name, phone number, date of birth, availability etc. Optional information such as work history and experience can be added to increase the likelihood of being selected.

Once your profile is set up, all you need to do is wait for the job offers to come in. Once you do get an employment offer, it can be accepted or denied on the site. You'll already know if you meet the requirements, so you just need to like the sound of what's on offer. If the offer is is accepted, contact information is shared and a meeting can be arranged.

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Employers on PartTimer can easily find candidates with their own specific requirements. Individual branches of a store can be set up and nearby candidates to the stores can be found on the map, and a comprehensive search function allows employers to find applicants using parameters such as availability, location and experience.

The PartTimer platform allows businesses to efficiently find new employees without having to sift through paper CVs or manage complicated online application systems.

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Eyemagnet has been working closely with the team at PartTimer to help build their web platform. Working on the design and development of their system has been a great experience and we look forward to PartTimer gaining success in New Zealand and beyond! Be sure to check it out at