A command centre for all of our digital screens

Our cloud-based Content Management System helps businesses create, manage and display media within their small and large retail, sporting and corporate venues.

Seamless Content Control

A single place to manage and deploy content onto a complex and ever-changing network of screen types and configurations.

Multi-modal content

Native support for the increasing variety of screen modes required. Images, Videos, HTML5 applications, Streaming, TV Inputs & your chosen video conferencing platform. The possibilities are endless.

Eyemagnet Syncplay

Enable individual screens to be treated as a single collective canvas to power up the experience.

Real-time API connections

An open and intuitive Graph API making bespoke customer experiences easy to implement. Complete with a fully-documented sandbox for rapid development.

Impressions and Analytics

View quick impression reports across the device network within the CMS in just a few clicks. Connect with your Business Intelligence Platform to perform detailed reporting and enable integration with your own internal data sources.

Our Software Story

We often get asked why we created our software – but in order to properly answer that, a little digital signage history lesson is needed.

First Era

The first era of digital signage was all about your static PowerPoint decks on-loop, delivered via media players.

Very generic, little control – and hard to manage.

Second Era

This was when different media types – like video – began being incorporated. While there were some advancements in screen technology, digital signage still relied on large media players.

Third Era

This is the current era – it‘s all about the seamless mirroring of online presences in physical spaces. Screens are no longer limited in their functionality, content is managed in the cloud (no more bulky media players!) – and content is more dynamic – no more preloaded video content, you can stream in real-time. This naturally creates an explosion in complexity when it comes to managing and deploying content.

The Problem

None of the existing software enables this third era.

That’s why we built ours – a state-of-the-art content management workflow for digital signage. It’s easy to use – because it’s designed for the people who have to manage this problem.

Need to see what's possible?

Z Energy

Digital path to purchase

A business renowned for its use of digital technologies is now taking this experience into its physical locations.

Z Energy

Digital path to purchase

A business renowned for its use of digital technologies is now taking this experience into its physical locations.

New Zealand Stock Exchange

Workspace of the future

Welcome to the ultimate in cutting-edge digital integration. NZX’s spectacular Auckland headquarters has been transformed into a dynamic, flexible environment that supports the team and elevates the brand. No detail has been overlooked. From the intuitive, immersive technology enabling the team to collaborate with ease to the majestic presence of Samsung’s The Wall. This workspace is simply out of this world.

University of Otago

Educating the future

Welcome to the Bloomberg Financial Lab in conjunction with NZX and BNZ. A visually impressive and immersive environment inside the School of Business at Otago.

How could we digitise and transform your space?